Product Focus: Revelstoke Dry Bag and Fender/Number Plate Bag

NEW — Revelstoke Dry Bag!

Our new Revelstoke Dry Bag is a crossover roll-top dry bag that works on multiple vehicle types and mounts to virtually any motorcycle, snowmobile, snowbike, UTV or ATV for quick and easy access to gear. With its 100% waterproof, mudproof, dustproof and snowproof design — the Revelstoke delivers 16 liters of storage in a slim, trim profile, ideal for carrying trail essentials…

UPDATED — Fender/Number Plate Bag!

We’ve updated our Fender/Number Plate Bag with new logo graphics and a foolproof new design for more intuitive mounting. Possibly the only waterproof, dustproof, mudproof, snowproof Fender Bag + Number Plate Bag available, GL’s adventure proof version offers secure connections for most dirt bike plastics. When properly installed, it’s there to stay no matter what! Sized to fit a full length set of tire irons and other relatively small, lightweight essentials…

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