Product Focus: New Fandango and Diablo Tank Bags

After more than two years working through all the technical details of redesigning our benchmark setting Fandango Tank Bag and Diablo Tank Bag, we’ve made the classic Giant Loop Tank Bags even better.  GL retained the rider-inspired benefits of the originals — trim profile, rugged construction, lots of pockets and other details — and utilized hybrid radio-frequency welded and sewn construction to build our next-gen Tank Bags with improved waterproofness, solid structure and fresh aesthetics…

“It’s not easy to take an outstanding product, preserve all of the qualities that make it great, and at the same time improve function, style and construction — but, after many long hours spent testing and prototyping, we’ve done it! So proud of this new — sewn and radio-frequency welded — hybrid construction! Look for our Product Design Director, Lindsey Clark to guest on a few upcoming podcasts, talking about our extensive redesign process.”Harold Olaf Cecil, Owner Giant Loop

Tank Bags are available in gray or black and include an RF-welded Tank Bag Dry Pod liner for the ultimate in waterproof gear protection!

Giant Loop gear is designed by riders and built to get you where you want to go! We make rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear, expanding the horizons for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther — Go light. Go fast. Go far…  

Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Giant Loop Ride — an adventure motorcycle rally weekend in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, June 4-6, 2021!

Shop all GL Products and check out our April specials!

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