Pannier Pockets and Diablo Tank Bag on a Honda CB500X

By July 21, 2020July 23rd, 2020bike packing, Giant Loop Gear, Honda, Tank Bags, Tech Tips

Another GL customer writes in to with some kind words about our Pannier Pockets perfectly fitting the back of a Honda CB500X

“I want to report how neatly these Giant Loop Pannier Pockets fit in the rear of a Honda CB500X, especially under the Rally Raid rear rack and solo mounts. The Pannier Pockets are supposed to go somewhere up front, either stand alone or tied into the Giant Loop tank bag system. But IMHO they fit perfectly in the rear of the CB500X, under the Rally Raid solo mounts. For me, one pannier pocket carries a water bottle and some snacks, and the other one has tools. That leaves the Diablo Tank Bag relatively empty so you don’t have to stuff it every time you ride. This setup is perfect to have permanently installed for day trips.” — sbtw08

Thanks for the great post — Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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