Video: Packing Set Up for GL’s Timbersled Snow Bike

With Giant Loop’s 100% waterproof, snow proof gear — we’re able to protect all our Timbersled backcountry essentials in stable, rugged, organized and easily accessible compartments!

Tools go in the Possibles Pouch, which mounts to the snow bike frame just in front of the tunnel platform. 

Survival gear packs into the Revelstoke Dry Bag which straps to the Timbersled with GL’s stretch polyurethane Pronhorn Straps

Extra fuel goes in the Gas Bag, secured to the tunnel with GL’s Anchor Strap Kit, which includes bolt-on stainless steel mounts and hardware.

Small items such as snacks, phone and keys fit in the slim, trim Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag, while insurance and registration cards, lip balm, sunscreen and other small items fit into the Zigzag Handlebar Bag.

This set up is just one of several options from GL — check out more packing solutions here

Go light. Go fast. Go far — and pray for snow!