New Husqvarna FE501 With a MoJavi Saddlebag

Check out these excellent photos posted by a customer on ADV Rider showing how a GL MoJavi Saddlebag performs on his 2020 Husqvarna FE501

Husqvarna FE501 with MoJavi SaddlebagHusqvarna FE501 with MoJavi Saddlebag

“Your Pronghorn Strap with Fender Hooks right on the factory grab handles. No heat shield needed and still room for my legs on the pegs. 300 miles that weekend of whoops and rocks. Hit a buried rock in a sandwash in 4th gear. Back tire was 3′ in air — the bags never moved! I also run the cinch strap from the left bag to the right bag, over the seat and vise versa. Pulls the bags up high and tight.”Nowwhat, ADV Rider

That looks like a great trip — thanks for the awesome report. Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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See you in the New Year!!!

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