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NEW! Doubletake Mirrors

Doubletake Adventure Mirrors

Doubletake Adventure, Enduro and Trail Mirrors.

New at Giant Loop Moto, Doubletake Mirror Kits.

Doubletake Mirrors were borne from necessity. The company’s owner recognized a need for a mirror  that would work as well as an OEM mirror to actually see the road behind you, a mirror that would be indestructible–giving way during a crash so as not to damage itself or the bike, and a mirror that folds out of the way completely so that when you’re offroad you don’t have to worry about it.

Here at Giant Loop we chose these mirrors because they’re the best thing we’ve found that is super-light and durable which fits well with how we like to travel.

Adventure or Enduro?

If you plan to fold the mirror down a large percentage of the time, the Enduro is right for you. The long size means the head of the mirror tucks away right behind the headlight. If the mirror will remain extended much of the time, get the Adventure- the more compact design is more stable at highway speeds.

Doubletake Mirrors are sold in sets:

Adventure Mirrors

  • 2 triangular shaped mirrors
  • 2, 6″ RAM Mounts attachment arms
  • 2, ball stud adapters (regular or BMW )
Doubletake Adventure Mirrors

Doubletake Adventure Mirror


Enduro Mirrors

  • 2 round shaped mirrors
  • 2, 3″ RAM Mounts attachment arms
  • 2, ball stud adapters (regular or BMW )
Doubletake Enduro Mirrors

Doubletake Enduro Mirror


If you’re looking for something smaller  the Doubletake Trail Mirror is a super-light, off-road option. This mirror can also be used for mountain or road bicycles.

Doubletake trail Mirror on motorcycle

Doubletake Trail Mirror


Click here to see just how tough these mirrors are!