Mojavi Saddlebag and Klamath Tail Rack Pack Featured In Favorite Rides Magazine

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Mojavi Saddlebag and Klamath Tail Rack Pack Featured In Favorite Rides Magazine

The Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag and Klamath Tail Rack Pack are featured in the fall issue of Favorite Rides and Destinations Magazine. The quarterly e-zine showcases incredible riding destinations around the world and highlights new and noteworthy products.

Favorite Rides and Destinations magazine review on mojavi saddlebag

“Into the MoJavi’s two side pockets go heavy items like my tool roll, tire irons, air pump, first-aid kit and an extra water bottle or two. Waterproof zippers seal the pockets and everything is held firmly in place with outer cinch straps. Into the Klamath’s zipperless, nested clamshell bag (its lid is secured with adjustable quick-release straps) go items I need quick access to, such as a hat, sunblock, snacks and an extra base layer. Inside the Klamath is a zippered mesh pocket, a removable, adjustable divider and a removable, waterproof Dry Pod bag, and on top is bungee netting that’s perfect for stashing a rain jacket.”

Specifically designed to carry just the essentials needed for a day trip or trail ride, the MoJavi Saddlebag is the rackless, slim, trim bag for inner tubes, tools, fluids and other save-a-ride necessities. Straps on. Stays on. No matter what. No side luggage racks required.

Our Klamath Tail Rack Pack keeps gear organized and easily accessible, securing to virtually any motorcycle tail rack. The 4-liter soft luggage case features a zipper-less nested clamshell design inspired by classic motorcycle rally racing packs. Includes waterproof inner liner Dry Pod.