KTM 990 Adventure Outfitted With Giant Loop Bags for the Wyoming BDR

By September 12, 2022September 15th, 2022bike packing, Blog, Dry Bags, Enduro, Giant Loop Gear, KTM, Photos, Riders, Saddlebags, trail bike

Here’s some great photos sent to us by rider Garrett of his KTM 990 Adventure geared up with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag and a Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag — a perfect setup for the Wyoming BDR!

“Dear Giant Loop, you guys are crushing it. I think I own 10 or more of your bags — Possibles Pouches, Pannier Pockets, Zigzag Bags, Buckin’ Roll, Coyote, Rogue, Fandango. I’ve been running your equipment on everything from dirt bikes to adventure bikes for over a decade, and I’m just so pleased! Here’s the most recent set-up for the Wyoming BDR next week. Couldn’t be happier with how the Coyote, Rogue, Zigzag, and Buckin’ Roll work on the big 990. Keep up the great work!” — Garrett W.

Thank you Garrett for the kind words and thanks for riding with Giant Loop!

Thank you to everyone who sends us photos and videos. Giant Loop is always ready for adventure and we love the great rider photos we receive from all over the world. Reach out, drop us a line — always a blast to see GL in action!

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