Honda CB500x Rally Raid Level 3 Kit For Sale

By September 21, 2017Honda, Rally Raid Products
Giant Loop customer, Don is selling his Honda. Click here to see the Ebay ad.
Giant Loop no longer carries the Rally Raid Kits in stock but you can custom order parts from us. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Honda Rally Raid CB500x

“Giant Loop’s Rally Raid Honda CB500X Adventure with Level 3 Kit . Best way to get more info is to
you tube CB500x Rally Raid.Built this bike for a trip, out west. Time for some one else to enjoy it. I am selling only because as a senior rider I enjoy the build as much as the ride. Starting my next bike…
Never dropped. The scratches on the engine case are from my motorcycle carrier on the back of our Jeep. (tire rack bolts) and all stock parts and wheels come with it.”