Happy Holidays!

By December 25, 2020Events

Greetings! To say that we’ve made it through one of the weirdest years of our lives would be an understatement. Twenty-twenty may have presented us with many challenges, but getting out and riding helped maintain our health and sanity by providing us with a means to escape, blow-off steam and hit the reset button — some much-needed two-wheel therapy!

As mentioned in last month’s email, we’re so grateful for our customers, friends, the riding community and all our families — we wouldn’t be where we are without you. The emails and messages we receive from you on a daily basis continue to inspire us to create products we’re proud to share. We appreciate you. Ride more, worry less — see you on the trail… 

Wishing everyone health, happiness and lots of braappp!

Cheers, Team Giant Loop

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