Happy Five Years to Lauren Trantham and Ride My Road

 Ride My Road

Happy fifth year anniversary to Giant Loop Ambassador Lauren Trantham of Ride My Road! As founder, Lauren started Ride My Road in 2016 by riding her Ducati Monster on a 10,000 mile solo motorcycle trip all over America. Her dream was to support survivors of domestic sex trafficking and inspire other bikers to join the anti-human trafficking struggle. Ride My Road operates within the motorcycling world, helping victims of human trafficking by raising funds and awareness in the United States and beyond…

“It’s our birthday! Five years ago I departed Ashland, OR on my S4RS on a journey that would forever change my life. I sure am grateful for every mile, every moment and the fact that our momentum is stronger than ever. I believe you can use your motorcycle to make a difference and that is what we are doing here at Ride My Road, join us!” — Lauren Trantham, Ride My Road

Congratulations to Lauren and Ride My Road for five years. Support Ride My Road’s excellent work!

These days, Lauren rides a Ducati equipped with a Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag, Rogue Dry Bag, Fandango Tank Bag and Pronghorn Straps. Watch Ride My Road on CNN here

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