Zigzag Bag, Tail Rack, Possibles Pouch and Pronghorn Straps

Our friend Andy sent us an email detailing how he uses Giant Loop gear to make the magic happen…

Handlebar Bag ,Tail Rack , Possibilities Pouch and Prong Straps“I’ve been using the Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Tail Rack and Possibles Pouch with the Pronghorn Straps. The Tail Rack holds the Possibles Pouch super secure with the Pronghorn Straps. I threw all my tools in there so I always have them on the bike and did some really rocky rides and hill climbs and I was never worried I’d lose the tools. It was great! Not having to worry about my gear being secure is so nice. It gives me the confidence to rip harder sections and never worry. The Zigzag Handlebar Bag is great for holding my phone and snacks and charger. Not having to take my backpack off to get to essentials is great!” — Andy Janik

Good one Andy — thanks!

 Go light. Go fast. Go far…

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