GL’s Product Design Director Lindsey Clark to Appear on Multiple Podcasts


Keep an eye out for Giant Loop’s Product Design Director Lindsey Clark to be a guest on the Adventure Rider Radio, Chasing the Horizon and Bend Motorcycle Adventures podcasts — talking about GL’s extensive design process and what it takes to raise a pinnacle product like the Fandango Tank Bag to the next level

Head over to Adventure Rider Radio, Chasing the Horizon or Bend Motorcycle Adventures for more…

Giant Loop gear is designed by riders and built to get you where you want to go! We make rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear, expanding the horizons for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther. Heads up — we’re finally launching pre-sales for our Giant Loop 2021 Fandango Tank Bag and Diablo Tank Bag!

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Registration is open for the 10th Annual Giant Loop Ride — our annual ride is an adventure motorcycle rally weekend in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, June 4-6, 2021!

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