GL’s Klamath Tail Bag on a Husqvarna 701

Scott from Adventure Moto Touring made this cool video review of our Klamath Tail Rack Pack fitted to his Husqvarna 701

“The Klamath Tail Rack Pack was a perfect fit on the 701 and would fit the 690 as well, along with many other bikes. It works well and still allows access to the rear gas cap on the 690/701. I like the way the bag flips up to open. This makes it really easy to access gear quickly. It comes with two of their Pronghorn Straps that can be used to secure the bag to the bottom of your rack. It also has hooks that will allow you to attach the bag to your fender if you don’t have a rack. There are front straps that can be used to make it even more secure. Giant Loop also included an inner Dry Pod that you can use to keep your gear dry. This is an awesome rear bag that was exactly what I needed on this 701.”Scott, Adventure Moto Touring

Great view from up there — thanks Scott!

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