GL Gas Bag Report on IH8MUD Forum

Leucadiacruiser posted this review of his recent overland experiences with the Giant Loop Gas Bags on the excellent IH8MUD — the Land Cruiser forum, bar none… 

“In an effort to lighten the load on longer trips, I’ve made the switch to Giant Loop Gas Bags and used them on my last two trips. With a few hundred miles off road so far, I can attest to how well made these bags are made. They’ve baked in the sun, been from 300 feet below sea level to 7500 feet in a day, tossed hard and rattled extensively without spilling a drop. They’re easy to fill and with multiple handles, easy to move up and down off the roof. Giant Loop sells an EZ Pour Spout that goes on easy and tight. Once they’re drained, I roll them up and toss them back into my compressor box. Another option to keep your gas-hungry beasts fed!”leucadiacruiser,

Read the entire post here…

Thanks for the kind words, great to see you going out with Giant Loop — keep emailing us photos and videos!

Giant Loop adventure proof packing systems and gear designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

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