GL Bushwackers Hand Guards: Field Tested, Dork Approved

Perhaps the most entertaining motorcycle channel on YouTube, our friends at Dork In The Road field tested Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guards in some serious backcountry winter conditions riding a Suzuki DRZ400

“I mounted my Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guards on my Suzuki DRZ400 and headed up into the backcountry for some winter riding shenanigans! Throughout this very full day of motorcycle adventure — including two drops, riding in the snow, and bushwacking (see what I did there) through some abandoned logging roads — the Bushwackers Hand Guards stood up to the abuse, kept my hands nice and warm, and ended the day looking just as awesome as they did when I started. Overall, my Giant Loop Bushwackers review is that I’m very impressed with the product, as I am with just about everything Giant Loop makes!” Dork In The Road

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