Bushwackers Hand Guards Offer the Ultimate Protection


Looking for a defense against the elements? GL customer Craig has the answer! He sent us this sweet photo of  his KTM 450 with our Bushwackers Hand Guards — featuring Pronghorn Straps for that universal fit. Perfect for winter and trail riding, Bushwackers are essential for all motorcycles, snow bikes and snowmobilesNot only are they crazy tough, but Bushwhackers give you instant access to controls, which is key for any off-road rides…


“Thanks for making the great Bushwackers Hand Guards. Compared to my last set of guards, they fit better, stay in place better and offer some great coverage from cold temps and weather on the trail. I really like the Pronghorn Straps!” — Craig Dugan

100% correct! Excellent photo Craig — thanks for sending… 

Ride safer and longer (no shredding our guards in a single season), Giant Loop Bushwackers save hands!

Gear-up here and be sure to check out our December specials

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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