Giant Loop Moto Featured in Beyond Boundries Online Magazine

Giant Loop Moto Featured in Beyond Boundaries Online Magazine



“Whether you ride a sleek sport bike, a big adventure touring motorcycle, a versatile dual sport, a commuter super moto or a lightweight dirt bike, you will appreciate the minimal performance impact offered by carrying gear with Giant Loop high performance adventure proof motorcycle soft luggage, packing systems and camping gear”

Giant Loop Beyond Boundaries Magazine


Beyond Boundaries, a fledgling webzine has featured Giant Loop Moto in its latest publication. The magazine is a subsidiary of Xtreme Adventure Reports, founded and owned by photographer and journalist, Fred M. Krijgsman. The company taps into Krijgsmans vast knowledge of the 4×4 Auto Industry, the 4×4 Aftermarket & Accessories Industry, the Off-Road Racing World, Cross Country Rally and Extreme Expeditions & Adventure/Challenge Events.
In this month’s edition Giant Loop is featured alongside a plethora of exciting backcountry/off road products incuding Solo Stove, comprable to our Vargo Hexagon Wood StoveFlying Tents–an all-in-one tent that floats and doubles as a bivy, hammock or poncho, Klecker Knives and the Warn Moto Winch.