Giant Loop In-Stock Product List for Monday, June 13, 2016

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Giant Loop In-Stock Product List for Monday, June 13, 2016

Here’s our in-stock Giant Loop products report for Monday, June 13, 2016 (note: this is for GL branded products only, camping gear and other third party items are not included but are in stock – it also does not include some new items, such as the GL Cordura Ballistic Tow Strap):

BNR2 – Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag
BWH – Bushwackers Hand Guards
CDB15 – Columbia Dry Bag
CSB14-B Coyote Saddlebag – black
CSB14-G Coyote Saddlebag – gray
CSB14-O Coyote Saddlebag – orange
CSB14-W Coyote Saddlebag – white
CSB14-Y Coyote Saddlebag – yellow
DTBP16-B Diablo Pro Tank Bag – black
DTBP16-G Diablo Pro Tank Bag – gray
DTBP16-O Diablo Pro Tank Bag – orange
DTBP16-W Diablo Pro Tank Bag – white
DTBP16-Y Diablo Pro Tank Bag – yellow
FDBG Fender Bag
FSB16 Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder
FTB14-B Fandango Standard Tank Bag – black only
FTBP16-B Fandango Pro Tank Bag – black
FTBP16-G Fandango Pro Tank Bag – gray
FTBP16-O Fandango Pro Tank Bag – orange
FTBP16-W Fandango Pro Tank Bag – white
FTBP16-Y Fandango Pro Tank Bag – yellow
FTH14 Kiger/Fandango/Diablo Tank Bag Harness
GBSB14-B Great Basin Saddlebag – black
GBSB14-G Great Basin Saddlebag – gray
GBSB14-O Great Basin Saddlebag – orange
GBSB14-W Great Basin Saddlebag – white
GBSB14-Y Great Basin Saddlebag – yellow
GLM15 Giant Loop Mounts
GRK Gear Repair Kit
HSHS3 Hot Springs Heat Shield
HSHSG Hot Springs Grande Heat Shield
KRP15 Klamath Tail Rack Pack
KTB15 Kiger Tank Bag (black/gray + LTD Orange/Black)
KTMSP KTM 1190 Passenger Handle Removal Spacer Kit
LDP14 Labrador Dry Pods
MSB16 MoJavi Saddlebag – black + LTD Edition Blue
OEP15 Ochcoo Enduro Tail Rack Pack
PHS-20 20″ Pronghorn Straps
PHS-26 26″ Pronghorn Straps
PNN16 Pannier Pockets
PSP Possibles Pouch
QL36 36″ QuickLoop Security Cable
QL84 84″ QuickLoop Security Cable
RBS Rubber Boa Straps
RTW16 Round The World Panniers (black + LTD Orange)
S-KYP14 Kootenay Pocket
S-RTL14 Revelstoke Tunnel Bag
S-TTL14 Torngat Tunnel Bag
SPN16 Siskiyou Panniers (black + LTD Orange)
TDB Tillamook Dry Bag
TDP16 Tank Bag Dry Pod
TKP15 Tracker Packer (+ SPOT Gen3)
TSS15 Travel Shoulder Strap
VPF Vinyl Protective Film
ZHB Zigzag Handlebar Bag

Available at Giant Loop – or from an Authorized Giant Loop dealer (ask you local shop to order from Tucker Rocky if they are not working directly with Giant Loop).

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