Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag on a Vespa

By April 9, 2022April 14th, 2022bike packing, Fitment, Photos, Saddlebags, Vespa

Check out these great photos sent to us by customer Brook of a Vespa fitted with a Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag

“Hi Giant Loop! I just received my Great Basin bag today! I’m thrilled! I was a little concerned about how it would fit on a Vespa. No worries, it works great. Rather than mount it on the seat as it is designed to do, I have mounted it on the rear rack. It works well to tie off the passenger peg straps to the rear seat grab rails. This allows me to still have easy access to the under seat storage and the fuel filler. Access to the fuel filler without having to remove the luggage is important when touring with a 1.5 gallon gas tank. There aren’t many solutions that work right out of the box for carrying a full pack on a Vespa. Thank You!” — Brook D., San Jose, CA

So cool — thank you for riding with Giant Loop Brook! And thanks to everyone who sends us photos and videos. Giant Loop is always ready for adventure and we love the great rider photos we receive from all over the world. Reach out, drop us a line — always a thrill to see GL in action!

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