Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guards Cold, Wet and Brush Protection for Snow Bikes (Timbersled) + Snowmobiles

Gear up for adventure with Bushwackers Hand Guards for snow bikes (Timbersled), snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles!

Droppin’ into the weather? Combine Bushwackers Hand Guards with rigid hand guards/deflectors and heated grips for the ultimate protection against the elements. Ride safer and longer with warm, dry and clean hands and controls. Essential gear for motorcycles, snow bikes and snowmobiles.
*Cold/wet weather comfort
*Brush, mud and trail protection
*Strap on/off in seconds
*Multiple mounting configurations to fit most motorcycle
makes/models equipped with rigid hand guards and/or deflectors
*Tough stretch polyurethane strap (can be used separately)
*Custom wind foil shapes
*No stitching or pieces to fail

When not using Bushwackers Hand Guards, straps have a thousand other uses: Lash water bottles, fuel, gear to tail rack. Hold flashlight in place while working in dark. And many others!

Made in USA. #golightgofastgofar #designedinbendoregon

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