The GL Great Basin Saddlebag Full Up on a Yamaha Ténéré 700

Let’s talk packing! Check out these fantastic photos and great testimonial from Giant Loop customer Tim showing how the GL Great Basin Saddlebag goes all the way on a brand new Yamaha Ténéré 700. It’s packed alright!!!

“In September I picked up this Ténéré 700 in Montana and rode it back to Oregon. The route home took me thru Yellowstone and the Gravellys, Bannack, Lemhi Pass, Bear Valley in Idaho and the Ochocos in Oregon. About 1400 miles with side trips. Ten days, so the scenic route. The bike had no pannier racks, but I was fortunate to try out a Great Basin Saddlebag from Giant Loop, in my home town of Bend. The bag survived the plane trip to Billings, no problem. Then I subjected it to sun, sleet, wind, brushy trails and excessive load. With a rated volume of 68 liters, I stuffed it to the max with 40 pounds of tools and spares, camp gear, clothing, food and the usual bits of kit you need. These bags are built stout, with tough fabric and good seams. The bike does not have many attachment points, but the bag stayed put with tiedowns to the pillion pegs and the webbing straps secured at the rear fender. It never tried to come adrift. I have to say, if you like to keep your bike light and rackless, this is a good option. As long as you can keep your needs well inside the bag’s capacity, I expect it will give good long service and you’ll appreciate the quality build, and weight savings compared to rack systems.” — Tim R.

Thanks for the photos, Tim — that’s some serious packing!

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