Fandango Pro Tank Bag on Ducati Scrambler

Not everyone rides with Giant Loop. But for a decade, riders, travelers and explorers have relied on Giant Loop for tested, proven solutions for the most extreme adventures on Planet Earth. Limited lifetime warranty. Designed in Bend, Oregon. Made in USA. Ridden worldwide. Tougher than you. Go light. Go fast. Go far.

Giant Loop’s Fandango Pro Tank Bag (8 liters) and Diablo Pro Tank Bag (4 liters) use the same three-point harness to securely anchor to virtually every motorcycle’s gas tank (or intake shrouds on bikes with fuel under the seat) – including the popular Scrambler models by Ducati, Triumph, BMW, etc.. Use Giant Loop’s Vinyl Protective film beneath the Tank Bag harness and straps to prevent scuffing and dulling the gloss coat on painting surfaces. Every Giant Loop Tank Bag includes a waterproof inner liner Dry Pod making the highly water resistant outer shell 100% waterproof inside for extreme riding conditions. Electronics pass-through, mesh exterior and under-lid pockets, divider, interior lined with hook-and-loop accepting fabric for camera bag dividers. Not everyone rides with a Giant Loop Tank Bag. But for a decade travelers, explorers and adventurers around the globe have relied on Giant Loop gear on the most extreme journeys. MADE IN USA. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Go light. Go fast. Go far.

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