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Fall Riding in Austria with the Mojavi Saddlebags

At Giant Loop we pride ourselves in knowing that our gear is getting put through the paces daily–in all sorts of weather conditions, around the world. Wolfgang, a Giant Loop rider from Austria sent us these great shots of his ride in Italy with friends on their KTMs. Their bikes were outfittted for light, fast day tripping and the Mojavi Saddlebags suited their needs perfectly.

Looks as though Europe is getting an early winter as well!



KTM Mojavi Saddlebag Austria  KTM Mojavi Saddlebag AustriaKTM Mojavi Saddlebag Austria  KTM Mojavi Saddlebag Austria

First of all thank you for your cooperation. We were very happy about it!
–how important the Giant Loops are for us. This was now two weeks ago, where we climbed in the Italian region Piemont, using partially old military-roads and also “no ways”, up to a height over 3.200 meters!

Harold, whether it is sunshine, rain or snow, you “never walk alone” with the GLs.In the indoor area always dry as well as at minus degrees, the zipper can open loosely! In this sense a beautiful working week, warm greetings from the foggy Austria!


Thanks for riding with Giant Loop Wolfgang! Go light. Go fast. Go Far!