Overland Death Valley Adventure With GL Gas Bags

Giant Loop team overland adventurer Mike from Encinitas, CA sent us these photos taken on his recent four day excursion in Death Valley with two GL collapsible 5 Gallon Gas Bags to power him through…

photo by @leucadiacruiser

Flexibility to carry extra fuel when you need it and to stow the bags away when you don’t…

“Dude! Amazing trip. 360 miles and most of it off road. From 337 feet below sea level — to crossing snow covered passes at 7500 feet. First time back in 40 years and Death Valley did not disappoint. My Giant Loop Gas Bags kept me going!” — Mike H., Encinitas

So cool — thanks for the excellent photos Mike, looking like King of The Road out there! 

We love hearing from you and look forward to more — please keep emailing us photos and videos

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