Riding a KTM in South Africa With Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag and Armadillo Bag

Check out these photo taken this year by Giant Loop friend Andrew Doig riding in Tanzania and South Africa to Kenya on his KTM 6 Days outfitted with a Giant Loop Coyote SaddlebagFandango Tank Bag, Rubber Boa Straps and an early version of the Armadillo Bag secured with Pronghorn Straps

“Tanzania. Ol Doinyo Lengai (“The Mountain of God” in the local Maasai language) is an active volcano near Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania, and rises to 10,460ft. Thanks again for all your support! Warm regards.” — Andrew Doig, East Africa

“I use your products on a regular basis and cannot fault them. In particular your Coyote Saddlebag is an awesome product. It fits on every motorbike I have ever tried it on. It has never come loose, ever, and 95% of my riding is rough off-road stuff. I’ve fallen off plenty of times and have yet to damage the saddlebag. This bag is clearly designed by bikers, for bikers. I’ve been riding motorbikes for 45 years and had numerous types and makes of luggage, and none have ever been able to take the punishment like what I have given the Coyote. None. And despite the thousands of kilometers of off road punishment, the bag still looks like new. Amazing! Well done to all of you at Giant Loop, makers of the world’s best saddlebag! Warmest Regards from Kenya, East Africa.”Andrew Doig, East Africa

“Giant Loop products are simply in a league of their own when it comes to riding off-road. There is now a rule: if anyone wants to join me on one of my rides, ‘You ain’t coming unless you have Giant Loop luggage!’ Well done on making such good quality gear.”Andrew Doig, East Africa

As always, we love your amazing adventures Andrew! Thanks for the kind words and the excellent photos —  keep us updated, we love to see more! And thanks for riding with Giant Loop!

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