Bushwackers Hand Guards Rock Your Winter World

By February 15, 2021February 16th, 2021Dualsport, Fitment, Giant Loop Gear, Overland, Reviews, Snow, Snow Bike, Snowmobile, Straps

GL is stoked our Bushwackers Hand Guards are included on ADV Rider‘s list of “Winter Dual-Sporting Ten Things To Make It Bearable”…

“What percentage of bikes do you think get stored for four, five, or maybe six months of the year? Are there ways to prolong that storage, or maybe even keep you riding through the whole year? Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guards, MUCH BIGGER than your standard handguards — they will deflect a greater amount of cold air away from your hands. Easy to mount and again something you might want to leave on all year if you ride tighter trails on a regular basis. They mount using GL’s Pronghorn Straps which will come in handy for other uses when the guards are not on the bike.” — @rtwpaul, ADV Rider

Bushwackers Hand Guards! Save your hands this winter with snow, wind and brush protection that supplements rigid deflectors. Strap on in seconds – and quickly pop off to stow away when conditions improve…

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