Video: Backcountry Adventure Motorsports Presents Idaho BDR

Epic video from Backcountry Adventure Motorsports featuring lots of Giant Loop adventure proof gear! Look close (hard to peel your eyes away from all the beautiful scenery) and you’ll see Round The World PanniersDiablo Tank Bag, Fandango Tank Bag, Pronghorn Straps, Tillamok Dry Bag — and (at 13:47) Great Basin Saddlebags on a brand new KTM 1290 — sweet! 

“In July 2020 6 friends and I tackled the IDBDR. The 1250+ mile trail puts some of the best scenery and mountain roads together all in one route. In this episode we encounter some challenges right out of the gate with some fun outcomes.”Backcountry Adv Motorsports

Check out the Backcountry Adventure Motorsports YouTube page for more videos…

Great video — inspires us to get out there and ride!

Registration is now open for the Giant Loop 2021 Annual Ride — click here for more information

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