Giant Loop Armadillo Bag Demo

As a new product, we have gotten quite a few inquiries about the new Giant Loop Armadillo Bag. Our friends over at WLF Enduro sent us these excellent photos of the Armadillo in action…

Employing a two-layer construction, Armadillo Bags feature an RF-welded inner bladder contained within and protected by a highly abrasion resistant sewn Cordura outer sleeve. Webbing and rubber-molded handles provide easy anchors to hang the reservoirs while filling and installing the included pour spout, and to grip the bags while dispensing liquids. Webbing daisy chains run the length of Armadillo Bags to prevent them from sliding out from under tie-down straps. The included plastic pour spout conveniently stows away in a pocket on the outer sleeve. Each inner reservoir is individually pressurized and tested at the factory, and finished Armadillo Bags are subjected to multi-point random testing and inspections…

“The Giant Loop Armadillo Bag is an amazing solution for all of your rugged fuel transport needs.  Superior to a traditional gas can in many ways, the Armadillo Bag is a flexible, versatile way to carry fuel that doesn’t require bulky mounts or empty containers to remain on your vehicle when you’re not using it.” — Ben, Giant Loop

Check out the Armadillo Bag Website for more on this amazing product!

(Allowed usage depends on local laws, rules and regulations in the countries where Armadillo Bags are being used– click here for more information.)

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