American Rally Originals Auction

By September 15, 2022October 26th, 2022Adventure Touring, Dualsport, Events, New Product, News, Overland, Riders, Tech Tips, UTV

The Americans are coming! Adventurist and friend of Giant Loop David Pearson and his team are going to race Dakar, on January 1st, 2023 — one of the most challenging and grueling races on the planet. Giant Loop is a proud sponsor of the team and you can be part of the adventure too! We created an auction to support ARO in their quest to Dakar. Place your bid and enter the chance to get yourself one of our full riding kits at a special price!

This initiative aims to support our American riders in their quest for the toughest rally race on the planet. The American Rally Originals will participate in the next Dakar on January 1st, 2023, in Saudi Arabia and need all the support we can give. Giant Loop, as sponsoring partner, is providing all the equipment they need to attend the race and will cover some of the costs, but the expenses involved in registration, shipping the bikes, tires, etc are still quite high. The ARO Team is competing in the Malle Moto category, which means no mechanical support, self-navigation, and a basic tent as a sleeping arrangement. Two weeks of pure hell where our riders will be tested to their limits. Let’s help our American fellow riders achieve their dream! We are auctioning 4 GIANT LOOP RIDING KITS, compatible with all kinds of motorcycles. Just place your bet and good luck! Let’s help our American Rally Team succeed at Dakar!

The auction ends on October 30th, so place your bid — 100% of the funds collected will be donated to our ARO team! Go Team USA!

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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