ADV Rider Review: The New Armadillo Bag

Check out this great review “Giant Loop introduces Armadillo Liquid Power Reservoir” by Zac at Adventure Rider

“Are you in need of a gasbag? Not ‘an idle or garrulous talker’ (thanks, Merriam-Webster!), but a bag to haul gasoline on your motorcycle? Once again, Giant Loop has what you’re looking for, launching the new Armadillo series of ‘Liquid Power Reservoirs’…

The Armadillo bags come in 1-gallon ($99.99), 2-gallon ($124.99), 3-gallon ($149.99) and 5-gallon ($199.99) sizes. They have two-layer constuction, with an RF-welded inner bladder that’s protected by an outer sleeve made of Cordura, to prevent punctures and tears. The outer sleeve has MOLLE-style webbing, making for easier attachment to luggage systems (including Giant Loop’s own saddlebag systems). There’s also a big handle that makes it easier to hold the bag while filling.” Zac Kurylyk, Adventure Rider 10.25.21

read the entire review here…

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