2022 Giant Loop Ride Fire Lookout Challenge Winner!

Giant loop customer Jason is the winner of the Fire Lookout Challenge at the Annual Giant Loop Ride! His group navigated to five different Forest Service lookouts marked only with “pins” on our GPS files…

Pictured top to bottom: Riddle Mtn Lookout, Frazier Point Lookout, Calamity Butte Lookout, W Myrtle Lookout, King Mtn Lookout…

“Attached are the pictures of the 5 fire lookouts Jesse and I managed to reach. Hopefully no one else managed to beat us! We were shooting for 7 but had to clean mud off our chains for about an hour and a half mid-day. We had a great time at this year’s ride, thanks again!” — Jason C.

Awesome! Congratulations Jason — thanks for the photos. Love it!

Thank you to everyone who sends us photos and videos. Giant Loop is always ready for adventure and we love the great rider photos we receive from all over the world. Reach out, drop us a line — always a thrill to see GL in action!

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