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Legendary Rider Lawrence Hacking On The Road With GL in British Columbia

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Check out these excellent photos from Canadian motorcycle legend Lawrence Hacking in Canada, navigating a recent long-haul trip on the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 with Great Basin Saddlebags and Kiger Tank Bag…. 

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Giant Loop is a huge fan of Lawrence Hacking! He’s competed in many international rallies including the Dakar Rally and the Mongolian Rally — a couple years ago with the MoJavi Saddlebags! He won the big bike class at Baja Rally riding a stock Honda Africa Twin. Plus, he’s been an advocate for GL in Canda, having made many important introductions for us there, including Honda Canada and Beta Canada…

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Thank you Lawrence for all your support!

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Thanks for riding with Giant Loop — designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

Check out our October Specials…

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

Basic Trail First Aid Kit Tips from GL Rider Donni Reddington

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Donni Reddington Skool of MotoNot only is GL Ambassador Donni Reddington an accomplished photographer and off-road motorcycle instructor, but she has also volunteered multiple times as a motorcycle medic at the Baja Rally – and she’s a registered nurse. We asked Donni for some recommendations for a basic trail side first aid kit that fits inside Giant Loop’s First Aid Possibles Pouch.

Here’s the list:

1. Gloves
2. Tongue depressors
3. Tape
4. Q-Tips
5. Tweezers
6. Scissors
7. Wound Seal powder
8. Butterfly closures
9. Pain/ allergy medication
10. Gauze roll
11. Bandaid assortment
12. Gauze pads
13. Antiseptic wipes, neosporin, insect wipes
14. Ace bandage
15. Emergency blanket
16. Cold compress
17. SAM splint

What do you carry?


First Aid Possibles Pouch waterproof pocket roll top

A Legendary GL Customer 

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Lawrence Hacking is not only a long time Giant Loop supporter, but he is also a riding legend! Lawrence was the first Canadian to finish the Dakar Rally in 2001. He’s a published author, and a couple years ago, raced the Baja Rally on a Honda Africa Twin… 

Check out this amazing photo of Giant Loop’s Mojavi Saddlebag and Possibles Pouch on a Honda CRF450x when Lawrence raced Rally Mongolia in 2014

Legendary GL Customer Lawrence HackingIt’s an honor Lawrence, thanks for riding with Giant Loop!

4th Annual BAJA RALLY, October 10-15 2016

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4th Annual BAJA RALLY, October 10-15 2016

Giant Loop has been a proud supporter of the Baja Rally since its first running. We equip the Baja Rally’s medical support crew with our MEDIC MoJavi Saddlebags and other support riders with our STAFF MoJavi Saddlebags.

Baja Rally logo

Live Streaming, Tracking and Daily Updates:
4th Annual BAJA RALLY, October 10-15

Watch BAJA RALLY 20016 Live All Week
Live Streaming, Live Tracking and Daily Video Highlights On www.bajarallymoto.com. Each day for 5 days, race fans worldwide will stay up to date with all the action and drama as it unfolds!
4th Annual BAJA RALLY – The fastest growing motorsports event in North America spans the entire week of October 9th to 15th with Live Streaming Video, Live Tracking and daily highlight videos. Engines will roar as the sun breaks the darkness in the horizon, and the 80 competitors from 13 countries will take their first green flags Tuesday October 11 from “Restaurante Acambaro” at 9:00AM PDT. Don’t miss any of the blood, sweat and tears spilled onto the 1,500-mile racecourse this year! Watch the riders blaze down the Baja Peninsula from our Live Streaming and Tracking Pages then check out our Instagram and Facebook pages regularly for photo, news and video updates!


The BAJA RALLY is the first and only FIM style navigation rally raid in the Mexican State of Baja, CA. Modeled after the world famous DAKAR RALLY, the BAJA RALLY has been endorsed by federal, state and municipal governments as an “eco-adventure” racing competition because of its low impact on the environment and through cooperation with federal regulators. Four years since its inception, the BAJA RALLY is branded as a human experience designed to test racers’ stamina, skill and mechanical prowess.

Giant Loop Racer: Seat Time Host Brian Pierce Finishes 2014 Baja Rally on 1987 Suzuki SP 200 with MoJavi Saddlebag

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brian pierce seat time suzuki 200
Seat Time host Brian Pierce thought his racing was done when he blew up his bike at this year’s BAJA RALLY – then he and his father got inspired and prepped his dad’s 27-year-old Suzuki SP 200 so he could finish the race!

Says Brian: “Here’s the 1987 Suzuki SP 200 with the GL MoJavi Saddlebag ready for the final day! our bags worked great. Let me know if you would like more pics of the SP 200 with them on there. It was the perfect way to use the bike you had to conquer a 300+ mile day in Baja.”

Congrats Brian – undaunted!

Here’s the recent Seat Time episode recapping this year’s Baja Rally:

“2014 Baja Rally Overall Winner Scott Bright joins us on the show and he’s followed up by Erek Kudla. The Baja Rally was a great experience and we would love the opportunity to attend again for Baja Rally 3.0.”

Giant Loop Racers: Baja Rally Announces Fuel Range Requirements, Recommends Mojavi Saddlebag For Carrying Extra Fuel

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Here is the Press Release:

From: Baja Rally
Date:07/08/2014 9:13 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: Baja Rally


Riders and Crews-

Due to at least one lengthy route on the BAJA RALLY 2.0, we will have a 205 mile (329km) special where we may not have a gas stop set up between 2 points 147mi apart. Its a situation we cant be sure of solving.

Therefore, the minimum gas range for riders and bikes has been raised to 150 miles indefinitely. Some riders will need to carry extra fuel on certain stages.


The Giant Loop Mojavi Bag has been used widely in rallies all over the world for riders to carry water, tools and gas. These are lightweight easy to use saddle bags to carry up to a gallon of liquids. Riders are using TouraTech’s 2 liter bottles on each side of the Mojavi in some cases.

baja rally presser

baja rally presspic

I realize this is going to effect a few riders right off the bat and wanted to make sure everyone has enough notice to respond to the changes.

I welcome your phone call or email reply to discuss this further if needed or answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to call 858 342-8222.

Muchas Gracias


Giant Loop Review: ADVMOTO Magazine Article About A Trick BMW F800GSA, Belonging To The Man Behind Baja Rally

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ADVMOTO Magazine has a big article where Scotty Bloom, producer of the Baja Rally, wrote about the “Ultimate Riding Machine”, a BMW F800GSA setup with a long list of off road must haves!

He had this to say about Giant Loop’s packing system:

“The Giant Loop Siskiyou soft luggage solution has a few benefits over its hard box counterparts, namely weight and durability, and it passed the waterproof test on our first day in the field. The Siskiyou package comes with a pair of waterproof liners, keeping out even more rain…”

Thanks Scotty!