Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter

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Product Description

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter

Product Description

Ultralight Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter Makes Perfect Companion For Vargo Titanium Converter Stove

The Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter delivers a dependable spark in the most adverse conditions – even after getting doused with water – making it the perfect choice for lighting your alcohol stove or other fire lighting needs. Never be without fire again! Weighs 0.3 oz.!

Part of the GL Cooking System Complete Kit: Vargo Converter Stove, Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove, Vargo Titanium Ti-Boiler Cooking Pot + Pan, Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter and Alcohol Fuel Bottle.


  • Titanium construction
  • Removeable side panel for flint replacement
  • Handly built-in clip
  • Durable assembly
  • Reliable striking mechanism
  • One-hand operation
  • Replaceable parts available for a lifetime of use

Specs & Features

Weight: 0.3 ounces (8 grams)
Length: 2.5 inches (63 mm)


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