Tillamook Dry Bag™

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The Tillamook Dry Bag is an expedition-sized, roll-top dry bag with an integrated anchor strap system ideal for an array of vehicle-based adventures. It features 48-liters of waterproof storage and seamlessly pairs with Giant Loop’s Coyote and Great Basin Saddlebags, as well as our full line of panniers.

Openings on both ends mean quick and easy access without having to unstrap from saddlebags, panniers, or remove from a rack. A handy air purge valve allows compact compression of gear and bag when packing. Two included carry straps convert the Tillamook into a backpack for easy transport.


“It easily holds most of my camp essentials. Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, two-man tent, camp cooking kit, and additional clothes and toiletries.”

Paul Strubell, DirtOrcas.com

Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams.

Integrated anchor strap system secures dry bag with four girth-hitch webbing straps and heavy-duty side release buckles.

Seamlessly integrates with Giant Loop Saddlebags and Panniers.

Double-ended openings provide easy access to gear without digging or unstrapping the bag.

Air purge valve makes packing and rolling a breeze.

Converts to backpack with integrated shoulder straps.


The Tillamook Dry Bag is designed to attach to the MoJavi, Coyote, and Great Basin Saddlebags, Siskiyou Panniers, tail racks, and more. It is best suited to larger motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, and overlanders.

The bag is strapped to Giant Loop’s Coyote or Great Basin saddlebags using their integrated beavertail strapping system. The Tillamook also secures to any four solid anchor points (such as a luggage rack) using its four integrated anchor straps.


  • Volume Max: 48 liters (2,930 cubic inches).
    Minimum: 30 liters (1,830 cubic inches).
  • Dimensions Flat: 44″ L x 19″ W (112 cm L x 48 cm W).
    Loaded with gear and ends rolled three times for waterproof seal: 26″ Length x 13″ Wide x 37″Circumference (66 cm L x 33 cm W x 94cm C).
  • Weight 3 lb. 10 oz. (1.6 kg), with all included components.
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams. Plastic side-release buckles, nylon webbing, and reflective trim.

Named after Tillamook State Forest, one of the wettest, greenest parts of Oregon, and renowned for its technical dirt bike riding, the Tillamook Dry Bag provides 48-liters of 100% waterproof, extra gear carrying capacity. Perfect for “fly and ride” trips – fits in airlines carry-on overhead bin.

The Tillamook is designed to attach to Giant Loop’s Great Basin and Coyote Saddlebags using the saddlebags’ integrated beavertail straps. The Tillamook’s four integrated quick-release anchor straps can be used to attach to our Siskiyou Panniers, Round the World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, or virtually any motorcycle make or model. Two beefy reflective daisy chains strips provide plenty of additional, secure attachment points.

No matter how you use the Tillamook Dry Bag, it’s essential equipment for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders and outdoor enthusiasts.

Without unstrapping the Tillamook Dry Bag from the bike, gear can be accessed from either end. A handy air purge valve makes packing and rolling a breeze. Add rubber molded carry handles, D-ring anchors to attach a travel shoulder strap, and multiple lash points. The result is a feature-rich, rider-friendly packing solution for motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

Includes Giant Loop’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Upgrades and Accessories

  • Pronghorn Straps™

  • Siskiyou Panniers™


33 reviews for Tillamook Dry Bag™

  1. Al Peterson

    I bought a Tillamook for our first touring trip when we got back into motorcycling. At first I wasn’t sure how the end loading and rolling shut feature would work out. It turned out to be an excellent bag. You can get access from either end which beats rummaging around or pulling everything out to get at the one thing you need.

    We rode through 8 solid hours of rain and nothing got the least bit damp. I wish I could say the same thing about a different “Marine Dry Bag” we bought en route. We may as well have wrapped our stuff in window screen. So for our next trip I ordered another Tillamook and, like the first one, it has been excellent in every way.

    Be sure to order some Pronghorn straps to tie it down. They are the best I have ever used. You can connect them end to end to make them longer if needed. Nothing comes loose or shifts even on thousand mile trips.

  2. d_carnot

    Great Bag! Love the ease of setup/use!

  3. Daniel

    This bag is absolutely incredible.

    I’d give it 5 stars, but there is one notable downside… it comes with 2 giant logos plastered right on it. I’m about an hour in to trying to scrape them off… I really wish they either didn’t put the (vinyl) logos on, or gave an option to leave them off… Other than that, it’s a 5 star bag and I’ll definitely be recommending it to other enthusiasts.

  4. mattp1540

    The bag looks amazing, is a good size to fit plenty of gear into and fits well on my Tiger 900. The rolled up ends secure tightly with the straps and the air release valve works well. It’s also super easy to carry off the bike. The only complaint I have is that it did not come with elastic strap keepers, so I had to order some unless I wanted the straps flapping wildly in the wind. These should have been standard issue for a bag with so many straps, and my Round the World Pannier Bags (also a beautiful setup from Giant Loop) did come with elastic strap keepers on every strap. Why this bag didn’t is a mystery. Fortunately, the keepers are an inexpensive purchase to tidy up the straps on this otherwise outstanding bag!

  5. Emily

    I’ve owned the Tillamook bag for over a year and have taken it on multiple camping trips. It fits well on my dual sport and ADV bike and has kept my belongings secure on long stretches of highway and technical dirt roads. It’s kept everything inside perfectly dry through rain, sleet, and snow storms. I also appreciate how easy to clean it is…I just hose it down after a particularly dusty ride.

    I haven’t strapped any other (Giant Loop or otherwise) bags to it, but it seems set up well for that. I find being able to load from each end to be super helpful for packing and accessing what’s inside without having to take the bag off the bike.

    The only thing I’d change — it would be great to have an easier way to tie up the loose ends after pulling all of my straps tight.

  6. mtaylor68

    Fantastic top bags, I use them on top of my Round the world panniers, they lock on top with no slippage and snap off in seconds. They hold a lot. They are completely water proof and super rugged. GLs sewing and materials are the best, super beefy and well made. The best I’ve ever used, and have held up to very aggressive off-road conditions. 5 stars!!

  7. Adam

    I had a top opening duffel (Enduristan Tornado), but it was sometimes hard to stuff full and close, especially if you have a down sleeping bag as it was hard to get the three folds and squeeze the air out with an uncompressed sleeping bag being top opening along the length of the bag,

    I decided to replace the top opening duffel with the Tillamook, as you can pack the Tillamook like a backpack and then squeeze all the air out with the purge valve. I throw my sleeping bag in without the stuff sack, followed by my sleeping pad and tent in the order I get them out to set up camp. It makes packing/unpacking super quick, and everything compresses to fill the space neatly, exactly like backpackers pack their backpacks.

    I am extremely happy with switching to the Tillamook. It’s 48 litres which I initially thought may be too big for my needs, but it packs down much smaller if you don’t use all the space. The extra attachment points and webbing are well thought out. The inbuilt bike attachment straps are convenient and make it extremely quick to put the bag on/off the bike. It is exceptionally well built and durable. The material makes it easy to wash down mud/dust after a long ride.

    As others have pointed out, the only criticism I have is it would be great if the bag came as standard with elastic strap keepers to keep all the straps tidy. It’s a minor complaint, and you can buy them off Amazon. Still, almost all the other premium luggage manufacturers provide strap keepers as standard, and it is only the real complaint I have over an otherwise fantastic bag.

  8. Chris

    I have had my Tillamook since 12/2018. I use all the time on several week long trips over thousands of miles. (WABDR, MABDR, NEBDR) It keeps all of my camping gear in one bag. Attachment points are easy and adaptable. I also like the ability to size it down by rolling the ends a little further if I am just going for a weekend overnight. I really love the bag and has been a rock solid performer. I have also used it on a week long paddling trip and everything stay dry as a bone.

  9. ryannelson106

    Great products at a great price. I am not brand loyal but Giant loop always comes out on top for performance price.

  10. Andy

    This bag is great and is replacing a dry bag duffel I had been using for years. I went to the Tillamook because 1) it was always a struggle closing such a giant roll top opening on the duffel, and 2) I wanted flexibility for mounting both the bag and other items.

    This solves both problems. Having the two openings on the end make it much easer to seal up the bag. And two openings allows me to sort my gear easier. One side for clothes with warm layers on the outside if I need them while riding and the other side with camp setup stuff. I can get my tent setup without worrying about rain getting at my clothes which around the Great Lakes is awesome. Secondly all the attachment points are great. You can use quick release buckles that are included to attach the bag to the bike and then strap other gear to the bag as makes sense.

    My one suggestion for improvement, it would be great if they had something on the bags to differentiate the ends to make it easier to tell what is on each side. I ended up marking each side “a” and “b” with a sharpie. But something more polished would be great. Like a different buckle color or something.

    Overall, strongly recommend and I wish I had got one sooner. The other two guys I camp with have one and I should have pulled the trigger sooner.

  11. michael.mccabe1

    Purchased this bag a few months ago, and I’m very happy with it. It’s super strong, waterproof and lashes to my bike easily. It also has loops on top to attach other bags or straps. I find the option to open it from either end very useful. Easily holds my tent pad and sleeping bag. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  12. David Rivera

    I purchased this bag for an 8K mile trip from Arizona to Dead Horse AK and then to Tuk CAN. the bag is strong, light, and the perfect size to go on the back of the Tenere 700. It complements the bike as far as looks and performance.

  13. Aaron Czeszynski

    Great dry bag and fit very well on top of my KLR650 with side hard cases. It withstood me dropping the bike a bunch offroad and still looks brand new after a good hose down. It is a very good size to store things like your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

  14. Amos Murtry

    Here because of The Expanse… Beautiful bag.

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