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Rubber Boa Straps


Rubber Boa Straps

Product Description


Confidently put the squeeze on a spare inner tube, tools, water or other essential gear with Giant Loop’s Rubber Boa Straps—hooked to dirt bike fenders. Rubber Boa Straps apply dynamic tension with stretch elastic shock cord and a simple locking slot, creating a dead-solid connection between plastic fenders and relatively small and lightweight gear, even in demanding off-road terrain. Available in a package of two.

Rubber Boa Straps take their name from a docile, worm-like snake, native to Oregon’s high desert where Giant Loop is located. Rubber Boas are the most northerly of boa species, and they kill prey by constriction.

Add a 2-liter Possibles Pouch to carry all the essentials.

Specs & Features

• Military-spec -in. shock cord
• Heavy-duty injection molded fender hooks
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA

Fits These Models

The super tough and stable Rubber Boa Straps fit most standard dirt bike plastics.

Instructions & Video

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