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The Rogue is an indispensable, easy-to-use roll-top dry bag that’s ideal for a wide variety of adventures. It features 17 liters of packable volume and seamlessly integrates with Giant Loop Saddlebags and Panniers.

Openings on both ends mean quick and easy access without having to dig or unstrap from saddlebags, panniers, or remove from a rack. A handy air purge valve allows compact compression of gear and bag when packing. Upon arriving at your destination, two included carry straps convert the bag into a backpack.

“A tough and solid dry bag with well-placed loops making it easy to secure on your bike in the location you want. The twin openings allow you to access the bag from either side which can be handy, plus you can expand or shrink the bag depending on how much gear you want to pack in there.”

Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams.

Seamlessly integrates with Giant Loop Saddlebags and Panniers.

Double-ended openings provide easy access to gear without digging or unstrapping the bag.

Air purge valve makes packing and rolling a breeze.

Converts to backpack with integrated shoulder straps.

Reflective daisy chain for easy attachment and enhanced visibility.


The Rogue Dry Bag is designed to attach to the MoJavi, Coyote, and Great Basin Saddlebags, Siskiyou Panniers, tail racks, and more. The bag is secured to Giant Loop’s Coyote or Great Basin saddlebags using their integrated beavertail strapping system.

The Rogue also attaches to the GL Tail Rack, MoJavi Saddlebag, or GL soft panniers using 32-inch Pronghorn Straps™.


  • Volume Max: 17 liters (1,030 cubic inches).
    Minimum: 10 liters (610 cubic inches).
  • Dimensions Flat: 32″ L x 13.5″ W (81 cm L x 34 cm W).
    Loaded with gear and ends rolled three times for waterproof seal: 19″ L x 9″ W (48 cm L x 23 cm W).
  • Weight 1 lb. 15 oz. (0.9 kg), with all included components.
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams. Plastic side-release buckles, nylon webbing, and reflective trim.

The 100% waterproof Rogue Dry Bag takes its name from Oregon’s wild and scenic Rogue River. The 17-liter dry bag is designed to integrate with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag, and Siskiyou Panniers.

The Rogue Dry Bag can be secured to virtually any motorcycle make or model, making it an indispensable item for one, two, or multi-day trips for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders where dry gear storage and transport is essential.

With its double-ended opening design, gear can be quickly accessed from either end without having to unstrap the Rogue Dry Bag from the bike. Durable side-release buckles with vertical compression straps provide secure closure and load stability. A reflective daisy chain lashing strip and two D-rings provide multiple attachment points. Molded grab handles provide easy lifting and removal.

Includes Giant Loop’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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11 reviews for Rogue Dry Bag™

  1. Arlette

    This is a great pack: not overwhelmingly huge, but capable of holding a day’s worth of supplies. I used mine as a tail bag on an international ten-day moto trip and really liked it. It’s made of sturdy materials and the workmanship is great. It’s easy to secure onto a bike, the grab handle is really convenient, and it’s really useful being able to get into either end of the bag once it’s on the bike. The backpack straps are kinda minimalist for an all-day carry, but they’re fine for a couple hours and made the Rogue a fantastic carry-on bag that fit under an airplane seat. I actually liked the bag so much that I ordered the next size up when I got home.

    The one thing I’d add to the bag is a way to secure strap ends, which can get really long. I’m going to add some keeper loops before I melt the tip of another one on a hot exhaust pipe.

  2. Luke Takahashi

    I’m a sucker for ultra practical bags! ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Rogue. This ultra heavy duty bag is ready for battle on and off the bike. It’s like every section of this bag was thoroughly thought out and designed with a purpose. Love the style and the functionality! Keep it up GL!

  3. richard cacciapaglia

    Love the versatility of this bag and the release valve makes packing it down easy. I rode 5 hours in downpours, everything was dry.

  4. jacobsphoto

    Rogue is the perfect size for a day trip. Rokstrap on and go. Usual bomb proof GL gear.

  5. Scott Halbleib

    It’s well made, but unnecessarily difficult to use. If only one end opened up so you could pack to full, then close without clasps and straps, it would be a great bag, but it just isn’t. I’m a Giant Loop fan, just not of the double ended bags evidently. I think people can pack accessible items at one end of a bag.

  6. jlsarner

    The Rogue Dry Bag is versatile, rugged, well made, and looks great. Perhaps the perfect little bag! Plan is to use it for day trips and as an extension to the coyote bag for longer trips. I’ll also use it for offshore sailboat racing as it probably fits the bill for that as well.

  7. tparker105

    Such a great bag design. Never a disappointment in utility and quality. I ride a KTM 890 and am strapping this to my already owned Mojave side bags.

  8. cannywin53

    I purchased this bag to hold my tent, water bladder and Corn Squeezn’s alcohol. The tent has gone into the bag soaking wet numerous times and the addition of the vent lets me squeeze out air and moisture and compress the bag. The material stays pliable even in freezing temperatures. The loops let me run my straps through so the bag stay secure on my rack.
    Another great Giant Loop product.

  9. Aaron Giddings

    This is a great bag. It’s not too small but close! It’s very tough. If you are good at Tetris, you can maximize this setup. I bought this along with the Mojave. These two bags together are a great match. I ride dual sport & am very pleased.

  10. SanMarcosTx_GSA

    Great bag, perfect size! Love that both ends open, stuff w/ weeks worth of clothes, clean 1 ends, dirty at the other

  11. Ian M

    I love this bag! Waterproof ability has been fully tested and passed with flying colours! I also love the fact you can access contents from both sides. Sits nicely on the back of my coyote bag. You won’t be disappointed!

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