MotoTrekk Panniers™

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GL® Pannier Mounts

Add quick-release, lockable GL PANNIER MOUNTS and save 10%.

GSA Adapter Kit for GL Pannier Mounts

Extends locking clasp on exhaust side of BMW GS Adventure’s stock side luggage rack. Includes 2x machined billet adapter blocks and bolts for BMW GSA OE and similar racks.

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Compact Storage: The MotoTrekk Panniers offer a total of 50 liters of packable volume, perfect for efficiently carrying essentials on shorter trips.
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Featherweight Design: Each pannier weighs only 3 lbs, ensuring minimal impact on bike dynamics and handling.
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All-Weather Durability: Made from high-strength materials, these panniers are water-resistant and tough, ready for any adventure.

Slim, rugged, dry bag-inspired panniers for overnight or multi-day trips. The MotoTrekk Panniers feature an RF-welded waterproof fabric and roll-top closure. Its integrated mounting system fits virtually any motorcycle side luggage racks. Other features include lash loops for expanded storage capacity and quick-connect magnetic buckles for easy mounting and removal. The MotoTrekk Panniers are perfect for all of your on and off road adventures.

Save 10% on Pannier Mounts when bundled with MotoTrekk Panniers

“MotoTrekk performed flawlessly and gave me the assurance that my gear is always protected from the elements. The bags are only 6 pounds when empty, and they’re also slim, so I didn’t have the wide and heavy feeling I’m used to with hard panniers.”

Road Runner Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

Provides 50 liters (3,050 cubic inches) of packable volume (25 liters per side).

Waterproof: Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with 100% waterproof radio-frequency (RF) welded seams and double-reinforced top and bottom.

Integrated anchor system with rugged aluminum hooks—no additional mounts or hardware required.

Quick-attach strap with magnetic buckle secures pannier to luggage frame for easy mounting or dismounting.

Roll top with durable side-release buckles for secure closure and load stability.

Front and back lash points for adding Possibles Pouch™ external pocket for expanded capacity (available separately).

Includes two Traveler Shoulder Straps for backpack-style carrying. Straps can also be attached across the back of the bike to provide additional support.

Comfortable molded rubber carry handles.


MotoTrekk Panniers use six webbing connection points per pannier to mount to our GL Pannier Mounts™ (sold separately) or virtually any side luggage rack system; no additional mounts or hardware are required. In addition, a quick-release magnetic buckle allows the pannier to hang from the top of the rack, making the mounting and dismounting process easier.

When used with our GL Pannier Mounts, the MotoTrekk Panniers become a quick-release, quick-mount, lockable soft luggage system. Their universal design also makes them compatible with almost any motorcycle side luggage racks—including dual sport, adventure touring, naked, standard, sport touring, scrambler, and V-twin motorcycles. From our experience, MotoTrekk Panniers have fit on every conventional side luggage tubing rack we’ve tested.

Giant Loop recommends using Vinyl Protective Film where panniers make direct contact with body panels and plastics to protect surfaces against scuffing or marks. We also recommend installing our optional Hot Springs Heat Shield™ to prevent the panniers or side panels from making direct contact with exhaust components.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Volume 50 liters (3,050 cubic inches) (25 liters per side)
  • Dimensions 12″ W at top, 9″ W at bottom, x 15″ H x 7″ D (30 cm W (top) / 23 cm W (bottom) x 38 cm H x 18 cm D)
  • Weight 6 lb. (2.7 kg.); or 10.4 lb. (4.7 kg) with optional GL Pannier Mounts and hardware
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with radio-frequency (RF) welded seams; heavy-duty fasteners including aluminum hooks and magnetic quick-release buckles.

Designed to create a rugged, stable, universally fitting, waterproof, rack-mounted motorcycle soft luggage solution. Even crash-tested!

Sold in pairs, MotoTrekk Panniers provide 25 liters of packable volume on each side, for a total of 50 liters. In addition, each set of panniers includes shoulder straps that clip into D-rings on the bottom and back, so they can be carried like a backpack when off the bike for a day of sightseeing or as a hands-free way to carry them to your hotel or campsite.

Add a Rogue™ or Tillamook™ Dry Bag to your setup for even more storage volume.

Includes Giant Loop’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

15 reviews for MotoTrekk Panniers™

  1. Carlos Paroli

    Buen equipaje de moto !!! *SALU2 ~ CHARLY*

  2. Rob Moore

    I’ve travelled with my MotoTrekk soft bags sparingly, but I’m gearing up for a MABDR trip and have opted to take them along instead of hard boxes. I haven’t packed them yet with the gear I plan to bring, but I think with a little effort I should be able to fit a big portion of everything I’ll need for a 7 day camping trip in them. In my experience, they are definitely tough/durable, waterproof and easy to mount to my existing rack systems. I’ve used them on both my dual sport WR250R and R1200GS. Both bikes have rack systems from different manufacturers and I have had no trouble mounting the MotoTrekks to either bike. I do plan to expand them a little bit with a couple of Possibles Pouches. This combined with my Columbia Dry bag should make for a very effective and off-road safe setup.

  3. juliedbrider

    I purchased the Motto Trekk soft paniers for an upcoming motorcycle camping trip. I have been totally impressed with both their storage capacity and their waterproof material. Now I don’t need to get any extra dry bags for my non waterproof gear. Even with ought the quick release mounts they are easy to mount on my panier racks. They have easy carrying straps and handles, for the times when you are taking them off the bike. This makes it so much easier to bring the paniers into the tent with me. They don’t move around even when taking a tight corner. They fit my Big Agnes bike packing tent inside with plenty of room to spare for all my gear and clothes. With these amazing soft bags I am prepared to go anywhere, feeling reassured that I have room for all my tools in case theirs is a need for them. I am also glad to know that they will work with the Possibilities pouch if I ever need to bring any extra gear with me. I can never go back to hard paniers after using these. I could not recommend them any more. Best purchase I have made for my bike yet.

  4. Mark Potter

    Well at first I thought what a great setup, turns out I was half right. Here’s the problem, and I blame myself entirely on my lack of attention to detail. I purchased to of these packs and on the inaugural trip I destroyed one, in the sense it will never be waterproof again.

    The bags have all black straps, a lot of them, and one of them is critical. It’s the center magnetic strap that if you don’t pay attention to, or you get distracted when installing the bags you’re in for trouble, it’s very long and has potential to go where you don’t want it. I think GL didn’t take into consideration rider fatigue and here’s why.

    After riding 400 miles, the bags were great. Removed them for a short nights sleep to ride another 350 the following day. In the morning i installed the bags quickly and set off on the next adventure. As I was accelerating I felt it, a big jerk indicative of a foreign object inserting itself into the drive train somewhere, and my heart sank. I knew what it was immediately and yes, that extra long strap went and destroyed itself, fortunately not the bike, creating a nice hole in the top where the strap once resided.

    I think Giant Loop should change that singular strap from black to RED, so that it really stands out amongst the spider web of black, giving us tired riders a chance at optically identifying the weak link before we self destroy it. In aviation with pins and covers are RED so we don’t launch with them attached to the plane. Seems a smoke fix on GLs part, I hope they consider it.

    I know it’s my fault, but I’m knocking my rating down for one very expensive mistake and the fact that I didn’t destroy two bags, saving myself $350 LOL and I laugh with a tear in my eye, and a tear in my bag.

    Learn from my mistake, take your time as you attach each strap, and in particular the remnant end of them….

  5. C R Massee

    I have the Moto Trekk panniers and GLhard mounts. Yet to go out camping in the first 30 days of ownership but find them only a little different to get used to than my old hard panniers.. I had questions about the hard mounts moving around or rattling but called customer service and find after owning them that it is actually no problem at all they Snap-on and don’t move around. I’ve used this type of waterproof duffel 3 years prior to this and convinced me that this type of materials and construction really works very well and allows you to pack objects of all sizes. I’m using mine on a 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 with the OEM mounts they fit perfectly. 2 different manufacturers of hard luggage I’ve used were quite easy to take off but I never remove them when I was camping and I see these being so much easier I may well take one into the tent especially if it’s a rainy night. The last three years I’ve traveled about 20,000 miles each year and I’m camping out about 7 weeks a year so have quite a bit of experience with loading and unloading my gear these will be perfect. Also would like to add that in a tip over these are going to be a lot easier on the hard mounts to cushion the landing and not damage the motorcycle sub frame and mounts.
    Thanks GL

  6. Andrew Murray

    The Moto Trek panniers are light and very robust. Any crash that would destroy these bags are going to destroy everything else as well, they are just really tough. At the same time they only weigh a couple pounds each. I’ve owned another popular brand of two layer soft panniers, at 25 pounds for the pair they were heavier than my aluminum hard cases, and when I was looking at Lone Rider panniers I found they weight 30 pounds empty for the set, which means if you add 30 pounds of gear, you now have 60 pounds to carry to your tent or hotel room. The mounting system is simple and nearly universal, and once attached and snugged up, these bags feel like they are part of the bike with no slop or movement. Additionally, Paul in their repair center offered a very generous solution for a repair that I needed after an unsuccessful theft attempt.

  7. Clinton Lemon III

    Just got the Mototrekk Panniers to go with a MoskoMoto 50 liter duffle for my LD touring/camping needs. HOWEVER, after seeing how easy the aluminum mounting plates go on and off, I’m thinking of just getting a set of the Round the World Panniers and skipping the MoskoMoto duffle entirely. It would make life a LOT easier for this 60 yr old to swing his leg over the seat after a long day off road. If they are as HUGE as the reviews state, I could even ditch my tank bag and have better forward movement while standing. Only question now is do I keep the MotoTrekk paniers and a tank bag for a short trip loadout, or return them and just use the RTW panniers for an all the time configuration?

  8. John Langdell

    I bought a set of these MotoTrek Panniers for my GSA 1200. I was able to fit all my camping gear in the two panniers, I then carried my clothes in a Dry Bag across the seat behind me.
    I talked to one of the Giant Loop Gear Experts and we discussed how to permanently mount the MotoTrek Pannier to the Quick Disconnect Mounts. A quick trip to Wally World and I had two polyethylene cutting boards just a little bit bigger than the mounting racks. I carefully trimmed the cutting boards to fit the inside of the panniers then put the boards up against the mounting plate and marked six holes on each of the cutting boards. I drilled the holes through the boards. I then put the boards back inside the pannier bags, carefully smoothed the fabric against the boards, and used a pencil-style soldering iron to make screw holes through the bags. Once I had my holes I used SS Screws/washers and self-locking nuts to secure the bags to the mount plates, I used a little clear Silicone RTV to seal up each hole as I inserted the screws. I was able to remove some now superfluous straps and they have worked great. Waterproofing was tested in a few gully washers and no leaks. I Impact tested the right pannier against a tree, no harm to the bag but a chunk of the cutting board broke inside the bag. I’ll fix that this winter. I plan on using these on my April ride through the Copper Canyon on my new R1250 GS Adv

  9. sleedavis

    I purchased these bags in anticipation of a long solo trip this summer across parts of the TAT and BDR. As I am waiting for the snow to melt I have lots of time to pack the bags in various configurations. In one pannier I was able to fit a 2 person tent, sleeping mat, camp stove, cooking ware, tire irons and food. In the other pannier I was able to pack 3 days of clothes (in cubes) sleeping bag, toiletries and first aid. Tight, but all there. I also purchased the Possibles Pouch and haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I am impressed my the construction, flexible mounting system (using a RE Himalayan), and pricing. I read many reviews, watched videos, talked with other riders, and counted my pennies. In my opinion, these are a great purchase.

  10. Robert Arnold

    I recently purchased the Mototrekk Panniers and two Possibles Pouches. I had read many reviews and did a lot of research before I made my purchase. When the items arrived I knew I had made the right decision. They were some of the best made products I had seen. A lot of thought was put into the design and it shows. I have three motorcycles but only one set of soft luggage. They are easy to mount no matter the method, they mount equally well on pannier racks as well as attached to a rear rack. The multiple attachment points make them functional in many ways.

  11. Michael Mulligan

    The GL MotoTrekk 25 litre panniers are great sized waterproof & durable soft bags that I combined with the GL Pannier Mounts for hard bag convenience/functionality + 4 Possibles Pouches that make for a versatile combo for a variety of uses on my Tenere 700. GL’s evolution & design detail shine through + the colour scheme compliments my 2021 matte black/grey Yamaha Tenere 700!

  12. Daniel Young

    I bought these to go on my new Adventure bike. The bike came with Hard panniers, but I wanted something not so bulky, but that could expand to meet my adventuring needs. These do mount really easy to the Frames that the bike came with, but do yourself a favor and get the mounting plates as well. I have an amazing wife that got them for me as an early bday present. The straps make holding everything tight and in place without any worries if something will be lost along the trail. Looking forward to putting these trough some abuse on a few of the BDR trips we have planned.

  13. Christopher Leysath

    recently purchased the GL Mototrekk panniers and absolutely love them. Built well, look great, hold more than you think. Clever strap orientation for mounting to the bike (although it took a minute to figure it out) are are quite secure once everything is tightened down. Awaiting the monsoon to verify waterproofness but I can’t imagine how anything inside could get wet. Well worth the investment. Shipped quickly as well. Thanks GL. I’m going to stop in when we get to Oregon. Thanks chris

  14. rdolson

    I just luv my GL Mototrekk Paniers. I am a light packer for my moto-camping trips and the Mototrekk soft panniers are the best addition to my Tiger Rally Pro. I camp to ride, not ride to camp. I have the Tourtech S/S Pannier mounts on the bike. The straps are so easy to use, you would have to be incredibly lazy to want to add the quick mounts. And, for way less than the price of a set of the quick mounts, I added a Tillamook dry bag to my rig. The Tillmook holds the tent (Northface Rock 32, not a small tent), sleeping bag, air mattress, tarp, cookwear, axe and saw. The Mototrekk’s swallow everything else. Soooooo happy with the quality and durability of the Giant Loop products. And everything stays BONE DRY!!!!!

  15. ray

    These bags fit perfectly on my 300l with task pannier racks. They perform as expected and have enjoyed using them. My only complaint is that the quick release mounting plates should have been included. The bags work fine without them but the cost is extremely too high to add separately. I will be creating my own mounting plate for a lot less money.

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