GL® Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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Giant Loop’s award winning Pannier Mounts offer greater adjustability in the ultimate quick-release, lockable solution for soft luggage and gear. Combine with Round The World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, Rotopax gas/water cans for installation on many popular side luggage rack systems, including Indian’s OE single-side luggage carrier, ADVM X-Frames, Touratech, KTM Powerparts, Brooks AutoSports, Givi Outback (2019 and earlier), Outback Motortek and BMW R1200 GS Adventure, BMW R1250 GS Adventure and BMW F850 GS Adventure original equipment. Will not fit BMW 800GSA Factory Side Luggage Racks.

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Product Description

GL Pannier Mounts = lightest, toughest, quick-release, lockable motorcycle soft luggage solution!

Powersports Business Nifty 50 Winner!

2018 Powersports Business Nifty 50 winner

REDESIGNED AND UPDATED FOR 2019: GL Pannier Mounts for motorcycle soft luggage! Designed in Bend, Oregon by Giant Loop, these ultra light, ultra tough quick release, quick mount, lockable black anodized aluminum plates secure Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, RotoPax gas or water packs and other gear to many popular motorcycle side luggage racks. PAIR WEIGHS 4 lbs. Sold as a set of two, with four matching keys and stainless steel hardware included for Round The World Panniers installation.

COMPATIBLE SIDE LUGGGE RACKS: Giant Loop Pannier Mounts fit a wide array of side luggage racks with flat, vertical hoops constructed with 16-18mm round tubing (more options available soon!). Examples: ADVM X-Frames, Outback Motortek, Brooks AutoSports, Givi Outback (2019 and earlier), Bumot, Hepco & Becker(Std or Cutout Models)Touratech, KTM Powerparts (1090, 1190, 1290) and the BMW R1200, R1250 and F850 GS Adventures’ OEM luggage racks (Giant Loop adapter required for exhaust side of BMW GSA).


Other adapters and mounting options available soon. If your side luggage rack is not compatible, take a look at our MotoTrekk Panniers and Siskiyou Panniers, which do not require mounting hardware.

Bolt Rotopax Pack Mount to GL Pannier Mount‘s pre-drilled holes for a quick-release, lockable motorcycle luggage rack mounted fuel and/or water carrying solution.

Specs & Features

• Aircraft grade aluminum with anodized black finish, total weight 4 pounds
• Pre-assembled latch and hooks (with TWO thumb screws, one on each side)
• Includes two matching keys, plus stainless steel hardware kit to attach Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers (12 x bolts, washers, locknuts)
• Adjustable hook and latch positions
• Pre-drilled for Rotopax mount
• Multiple webbing slots to anchor MotoTrekk Panniers or other gear
• Thumbscrew prevents Pannier Mount from sliding on rack tubing

Fits These Models

GL Pannier Mounts confirmed fit list of racks, motorcycles:

  • Indian OE single-side luggage carrier
  • ADVM X-Frames (variety of popular ADV and dual sport makes and models)
  • With BMW GS Adapter: BMW R1200 GS Adventure (left and right exhaust models), BMW R1250 GS Adventure, BMW F850 GS Adventure OE rack
  • Touratech racks – all makes/models
  • Givi Outback Models rack (w/ parts removed)
  • Triumph Tiger 800 OE Givi (w/ parts removed)
  • KTM Powersparts racks for KTM 1090, 1190, 1290
  • Bumot Racks
  • Hepco and Becker. Cutout Side use our BMW option
  • 16-18mm round tubing racks with flat, vertical sides, including Outback Motortek

Instructions & Video

3 reviews for GL® Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage

  1. Jo

    good product!

    i mounted it inside a peli 1520eu case. it works! cool! but i wish there would be a better lock! thiefs can probably steal it with a paperclip in a few seconds. is there any other locking method you would recommend?

  2. Don Smith

    I love these mounts! Great as i have 2 bikes and the racks they mount on are the same bar diameter and i can swap these from bike to bike in about 2 mins and be on my way! Super sturdy and well made, love them!

  3. Bob

    Looking forward to my summer trip with these racks mounted with GL’s Around The World panniers. I appreciate the ability to go back to hard cases when I need that utility. When the racks are off, nothing is left behind. They could not be easier to use on my touratech racks and fit perfectly. The locking feature is very handy as well. While it won’t stop a determined thief it’s convenient and will slow down an opportunist.

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